Week 5: Time to put your feet up!

Welcome to week 5 of 25 Things @ Huddersfield!

You’ve all been working hard, so it’s time to have a Play Week :-)

There’s only one mandatory task to do this week and that’s to accept the email invitation to join the Wetpaint Wiki web site, which we’ll be looking at next week. If you’ve not received the email invitation, then please let us know (25things@hud.ac.uk).

For this week, you’ve got a choice of 3 options…

Option 1: If you’re a little behind, then you can use this week to play “catch up”.

Option 2: If you’re keen, then revisit one of the Things you’ve enjoyed doing the most and explore it in more depth. Be sure to write a blog post about what you’ve done!

Option 3: Do something else! Take a break and do something more productive… you could tidy up your email inbox, sort your drawers out, or you could spend an hour wallowing in TV nostalgia ;)


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