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Week 7: Things 15-16

Welcome to week 7 of 25 Things @ Huddersfield!

15th Thing – Google Maps

Google Maps is an online mapping services that you use to pan (by dragging the mouse) and zoom (by using the mouse wheel) into a desired location.

Alternatively, you can enter an address, postcode, city, or landmark to quickly find it on the map.

(Castle Hill on Google Maps)

Go to Google Maps and enter the postcode or address of a place known to you – the University (HD1 3DH), your house, the hairdresser’s etc.

Use the map, satellite, terrain and more buttons to look at the different views of this location. Zoom in using the mouse wheel to see how detailed a map you can get.

If you do look at the University, how old do you think the satellite view is and what day of the week do you think it was taken?

Copy the web address of your location and paste it into your blog. Write a few words about Google Maps and how you might use it.

You can also search for businesses and attractions in or near a given place. For example, when you get hungry, you could type in Pizzas in Penistone or Curry in Cleckheaton to find something to eat.

Like many other map services, Google Maps can generate directions between any pair of locations. In Google Maps, click the Get Directions link to find how to get from Huddersfield to Madrid.

In your blog put in the distance and how long Google thinks it will take you.

Google Maps has given rise to a number of interesting offshoot projects and fan sites:

Optional Extra

Using your Google login, you can create and share your own maps. This YouTube video will show you how…

Use the My Maps tab in Google Maps to create a map of your own and add some place marks. Make sure your map is public, then use the Link to the page link to copy and paste the web address of your map into your blog. Write a few words on why this map is important to you.

16th Thing – Google Earth

If your stroll around Google Maps has whetted your appetite for more map-based fun, the next level is Google Earth.

This is a virtual globe that maps the earth by the superimposition of images obtained from satellite imagery, aerial photography and other sources. With Google Earth, you get better resolution, 3-D views, the ability to swoop down a location and a wide range of overlays that show the locations of different things – including stars and planets in the sky.

Perhaps the best place for you to start, would be to take a tour.

The downside of all these extra features is that Google Earth has to be downloaded and installed on your computer – which may not be possible if you are working on a University PC.

Take a look at an example of the interesting and amusing videos that people have created using Google Earth…

Do you think there might be privacy issues relating to the every higher and higher resolution digital mapping? Put your thoughts down in your blog.

You might want to read these BBC News stories for more background information:

Optional Extra

If you are feeling brave and you have the appropriate permissions on your PC, download and explore Google Earth yourself.


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